Major Goddess of Fire

Pyreah (Pi'REE'uh), Human goddess of Fire, is true neutral. Her titles include The Lady of Fire, The Phoenix Queen, and The Red Eyed One. Pyreah is primarily concerned with natural fire, and the things that are done with fire. Cooking, smithing, many of the arts of civilization are under her eye. Her gospel is the duality of fire, in that fire both destroys, and creates. The domains she is associated with are Fire, Destruction, Knowledge, and Sun. The heavy mace is her favored weapon. Her symbol is a golden medallion with a beautiful lady's face, her eyes and hair a flame of fire.

Her Appearance:

Cleric Training:


Shrines: Her temples are very common in civilized areas, especially larger cities, where she is often sacrificed to in an effort to gain her protection from the large fires cities so often suffer.

Blessings, Curses, and Exclamations:

Carnivals, Festivals, Holidays, and Other Important Days:

Primary Tenets:

Write-up by Beren.